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Anonymous asked: YOOOOOOOOO, you make the best art in the whole world

wowee thank you so much i’m glad you think so ;; i’ve still got much room for improvement though, but that’s a good thing!

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wait till i cross this road before i tell you a story
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pudgy wise shy fluffy baby awuwuwu
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ooohh yea everyone if you all want to see my doodles (and sometimes my guinea pigs) i have an instagram that i forgot to tell everyone about ops
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me n a couple of pals filled out this oc meme forever and a day ago and my character Doug (the one with the cool lipstick) ended up making out with firekat97’s character Nick (the terrified boy child), and I’ve talked about it enough that it was inevitable I’d end up doodling it
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whoops wrong blog my baaad

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I’m selling a couple of lil sheepdragon adoptables on Weasyl, so if any of ya are interested you can go there and comment, or send me a note on DA

* Brown sheeple *
* Grey sheeple *
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how about some gay puppledoos