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how about some gay puppledoos
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Icon Commissions


Alright all you cool kids, I’m going to be opening up some Animal Crossing icon commissions.  These little buggers are going to run at 5$ each and will look something like this:




The come at 400x400 pixels and can be made smaller upon request

Also; if you’re itching to have an icon of your oc instead, I’d be glad to do so.  Just make sure to provide color references of your character when contacting me.

Now, here’s how the payment for these will work: after sending me an email about what you would like on your icon, I will go ahead and start on a sketch.  Once the sketch is done I will send you an email, get the a-ok from you that the sketch looks how you like, and then you can pay.  After receiving payment I will work on finishing your icon and send it to you when it is done.

If you would like to check the progress on your commission (whether before or after payment) please don’t hesitate to contact me about it!

So, if you would like to have an icon of your own, shoot me an email at and we can go from there.  ALSO if you have any questions you can contact me there as well!

I’ll be taking eight of these right now, slots as shown:

1. (Taken)

2. (Taken)

3. (Taken)

4. (Taken)





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Ah yes the time has come.  I know this sheet isn’t the best so I’ll post more info:
On backgrounds: One color/white backgrounds are free; simple backgrounds are essentially anything I can do with two or three colors and usually don’t have quite as much depth; complex backgrounds include more scenery, more details and color, as well as more depth.  If you have any questions on what qualifies as what kind of background please email me and ask!
Other info: Icons come at 400x400 pixels and can be made smaller upon request.
I will draw most anything, SFW and NSFW* (which does not cost extra), but here is a list below of what I will not draw:
SFW: extremely cluttered backgrounds, and backgrounds with a large crowd.
NSFW: *If you would like a nsfw commission, please email me and I will link you to my nsfw art account; details will be posted there for your viewing.
To contact me: please email me at, it is the best and easiest way to communicate.  Payment will be discussed upon emailing me, but normally works by me sketching the picture before payment, getting approval from you, then having the payment sent before finishing the rest of the picture.  Progress on your picture can be checked at any time as well.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions! (really though, it’s no problem)
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hot in more ways than one
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these bad babes are back time to fuckin cuddle
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"you can’t keep running out,
kicking yourself off the bed,
kicking yourself in the head,
because you’re kicking me too.” [x]
i made Bonk with the intention of them being the more gentle and empathetic side of me, and it’s within them that i re-find that; because, unfortunately, it has escaped me for the time being.
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i go through periods of time where i remember these facts and then try to wipe them from my memory soon afterwards because they make me feel ill. i held on to them long enough to make this though. take it as positive or negative, whichever, but dont think about it for too long